Alarwool Custom Woven Carpets & Rugs


A native of Burgos, he studied Finance at the University of St. Louis in Missouri, USA. It is after graduation that he started working in the family business giving a major boost to the company and always committing himself to its expansion and internationalization.

Julián Cubero: CEO Alarwool

Architecture graduate from the University of Berkeley  in California, USA,  she runs the Project Department and is in charge of its coordination with the other departments such as Design, Production, Quality and Logistics.

Marina Im: Project Manager Director


Diego Ruiz: COO Alarwool

A law graduate from the University of La Salle (Mexico DF) also holding a diploma in International Trade from the ICEX and the Cámara de Madrid. With extensive experience in the retail sector, she holds the position of Commercial Manager for Spain at Alarwool since April 2015.

Alejandra Mendoza: Sales Director Spain

Economics and Business graduate from the University of Burgos, she started in Alarwool in 2010 after many years working in consultancy and construction. She runs the departments of Finance, Accounting and Fiscal and also handles the realtionship with several suppliers.
"You have to face to new challenges constantly, going to work means to undertake a new adventure every day"

Raquel Amor: Finance director

Graduated in Technical Architecture from the University of Burgos, he joined the staff at Alarwool in 2010, after more than 10 years working in construction. She runs and coordinates the Project Department in Spain, Portugal, Morocco and North Africa.
"Every project is a very positive experience, differente and really insteresting".

Noemi Rodríguez: Project Manager

Graduated in Technical Architecture from the University of Burgos, and in Building engineering from the University Camilo José Cela. She has more than 10 years of experience working in construction and she joined the staff at Alarwool in 2015 where she runs and coordinates the Project Department in Europe. "Fascinating, there are no limits in the imagination of our clients"

Noelia Ruiz: Project Manager

Graduated in Technical Architecture from the University of Burgos, and with more than 15 years experience in the Execution and Management of Construction Projects. He joined the staff at Alarwool in 2015 where he runs and coordinates the Project Department in the Middle East.
"The opportunity to have access to some of the most outstanding projects worldwide".

Enrique García: Regional Sales Director

Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Salamanca, he specialized in Graphic Design and Artistic Paint. He owns a very special talent and sensitivity for all the artistic professions. He runs the Design Department at Alarwool since 2009.
"Every day is a new different challenge, which force us constantly to improve and to reinvent ourselves"

Isaac Alonso: Design Director

Economics and Business graduate from the University of Alicante he has more than 20 years experience working in dying facilities as textil lab technician and with Alarwool since 2012 as our specialist in wool and color.
"From Alarwool I love the big human team that we are and the way we support each other"

Germán Navarro: Encargado de producción

Graduated in Industrial Ingeneering, specialty in  Chemistry by the Alcoy Technical College, he also has a Master in Technical Textiles and Technological Innovation by the AITEX institute.
“The challenge of achieving the best quality and our client's satisfaction"

Víctor Gandía: Control de calidad

She has a degree in Work Relationships by the University Miguel Hernández in Elche, and a master in Human Resources Management. She works in Alarwools since 2011, in the RRHH Department.
"What I like the most of working here is all my co-workers and the team work"

Mercedes Sierra: Administración

Estudio arte y cultura en Moscú y es licenciada en turismo y dirección hotelera por la Universidad de Birmingham en el Reino Unido. Con más de 16 años de experiencia trabajando para Hyatt Corporation, es la directora de ventas de Alarwool en Rusia desde finales de 2015.

Irina Gordienko: Regional Sales Manager (Russian)

Vivian Lainfiesta

Vivian Lainfiesta: Regional Sales Manager (California)

Patrice Adore

Patrice Adore: Regional Sales Manager (Washington)

Our sales manager in South America studied a medium grade in Textiles at the Technical School  and later he got Graduated  in Economics both in São Paulo, Brazil.
With more than 35 years of experience in the textile industry and in sales, he has been working with Alarwool for the past 4 years.

"The level of people involved in decisions you deal with like architects, designers, investors.  At last the environment you work with diverse  opportunities  like Hotels , Cassinos , Resorts , Conference Centres , Cruise ships..."

Mario Stransky: Regional Sales Manager (Brasil-Miami)

Certified in Finance by Tecnologico de Monterrey from Mexico City. After 5 years working for Adidas like a Finance Controller being responsible for preparation of Budget, she decided to move in Burgos and she join staff in January 2017. “Daily is a different challenge and is amazing to work with people from different cultures”

Ivonne Lira: Client Attention

Our factory director dedicated all his working life to the textile sector. He started very young as a weaving assistant during 5 years when he became a skilled weaving and mechanical worker for the following 25 years.
With 35 he was managing the staff of a textile factory and so on until nowadays where he has been in charge of all the Alarwool production during the past 12 years.

Antonio Sierra: Director de fábrica

Since graduating with a Printed textiles degree from Loughborough University she has been working as a carpet designer for over 17 years.  
Whilst working for a number of different companies, most of them in London, she worked with some very talented designers gaining from their knowledge and experience working on printed, Axminster, Wilton and Hand tufted carpets.

Sharon Taylor-Reid: London Senior Designer

She is a fashion designer graduated in the University of Buenos Aires. She always worked in the textile and more precisely in the carpet world during the past four years.  She became part of the Alarwool's team in July 2016. "I love carpets because they are a great product that combines tradition, modernity, art and luxury"

Caterina Cantaro: Senior Designer

She studied Styling and Textile Design at Art School Nº 2 in Madrid. After five years working for clothing, accessories and pattern design companies, she becomes part of the design team at Alarwool in 2012. "The possibility of working with some of the most important architects and designers in the conception and development of unique and exclusive spaces".

Cristina de la Peña: Senior Designer

Marco - ingles

Marc “Skip” Skipwith: Regional Sales Manager for Las Vegas.


Manuel Rivas: Production Manager

Architecture graduate from the University of Valladolid, in the past he has been working in the interior and stands design world. He joined Alarwool’s team at the end of 2016 as a Project Manager. “Carpet world is so exciting! I could never imagined.”

Miguel Villanueva: Project Manager


Sara Rivera: Accounts Department