Alarwool Custom Woven Carpets & Rugs


Borned in Burgos, he did his superior Financial studies at the University of St. Louis (Missouri, USA). After that he started his career in the family business giving to the company a big push and investing in his expansion and internationalisation.

Julián Cubero: CEO Alarwool

Architecture graduate from the University of Berkeley  in California, USA,  she runs the Project Department and is in charge of its coordination with the other departments such as Design, Production, Quality and Logistics.

Marina Im: Project Manager Director

Diego Ruiz

Diego Ruiz: COO Alarwool

A law graduate from the University of La Salle (Mexico DF) also holding a diploma in International Trade from the ICEX and the Cámara de Madrid. With extensive experience in the retail sector, she holds the position of Commercial Manager for Spain at Alarwool since April 2015.

Alejandra Mendoza: Sales Director Spain

Economics and Business graduate from the University of Burgos, she runs the Finance Department and HR Department at Alarwool since 2010.

Raquel Amor: Finance Director

Graduated in Technical Architecture from the University of Burgos, he joined the staff at Alarwool in 2010, after several years working in construction. She runs and coordinates the Project Department in Spain, Portugal and North Africa.

Noemi Rodríguez: Project Manager

Sara Rivera

Sara Rivera: Accounts Department

Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Salamanca, specializing in Graphic Design, he runs the Creativity Department at Alarwool since 2009.

Isaac Alonso: Design Director

Diplomada en Relaciones Laborales por la Universidad Miguel Hernández de Elche, y con un master en Gestión de RR.HH por el IES Victoria Kent de Elche.  Se incorpora a Alarwool en Junio del 2011 en el departamento de contabilidad.
"Lo mejor de trabajar en Alarwool es la relacion con mis compañeros"

Mercedes Sierra: Accounts Department

Antonio Sierra

Antonio Sierra: Factory Director

Germán Navarro

Germán Navarro: Quality Control

Vivian Lainfiesta

Vivian Lainfiesta: Regional Sales Manager (California)

Patrice Adore

Patrice Adore: Regional Sales Manager (Washington)


Jamie Gilmore: Sales Manager in Boston

Irina Gordienko

Irina Gordienko: Regional Sales Manager (Russian)

Mario Stransky

Mario Stransky: Regional Sales Manager (Brasil-Miami)