Alarwool Custom Woven Carpets & Rugs


Sir. Francis Drake Hotel – San Francisco

Located in Union Square in the city of San Francisco, this hotel owned by Kimpton Group is majestic, retro and edgy equally. A true masterpiece of interior design by Dawson Design Associates of Seattle that has combined in a flawless and harmonious way the elegance and distinction of the Renaissance golden age with cutting edge design and color intensity that are characteristic of Kimpton Group.

The grandeur of the lobby and public areas of the hotel is also transferred to the rooms and suites, some of which keep the original configuration of the hotel, which dates back to 1928, without losing a bit of quality and comfort.

Alarwool has been working for years in the various stages of renovation of the hotel. From the rooms, to the corridors, stairways and impressive public spaces, all of them with quality wool carpet, featuring the Alarwool hallmark.