Alarwool Custom Woven Carpets & Rugs

Distress & Patchwork rugs

Carpets of the “distress” and “patchwork rugs” type are obtained out of old hand-made rugs from Pakistan, Turkey, India or the Middle East. Generally, they are classified according to the region they come from and are almost always geometric, curvilinear or floral landscape designs. Each city, town or culture has its own traditional designs, which were expressed in the carpets, almost like a brand or logo. They are made of natural materials such as wool, cotton or jute and some of them may be up to 60 years old. In addition, each piece is unique and unrepeatable, which makes them highly unique and valuable. There are “collectors” who travel thoughout these areas to rescue these old relics which are taken to different villages where, after being washed, are left to dry in the sun for up to two months.

Once the carpets are clean and ready, they can be worked on, making beautiful patchwork or selling them, just as they are, as vintage products.

Another option is to subject them to various chemical treatments and eliminate up to 90 % the original colors of the carpet, of which only the darkest ones will remain. On this result, we can dye again, but this time with trendy and vibrant colors like blue, turquoise, pink, etc. The result is simply spectacular.