Alarwool Custom Woven Carpets & Rugs


Color-iT is a very simple color tool developed by Alarwool to help our clients to customize and visualize their carpet designs in real-time and in a very efficient way.
It counts with the access to a very exclusive library with hundreds of designs grouped by categories where each one can be re-colored as wanted. If you already have an Alarwool color pom box, you will be able to check in the moment how your color combination works and if you want to make any change you can easily do it.

The program also has an option that automatically re-colors the design offering you in a moment thousands of versions of the same idea with only a click.
Finally, you can place the chosen design in a real space thanks to the powerful rendering tool that is included in the software. No matter if it’s a ballroom, a guestroom, a corridor or a meeting room… Color-It offers to the user different environments to check on his own how the design is adapting to every room.
Do you want to try it?… Contact us to have access!

Below we explain you in a very simple way how Color-It works in the slider below: