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Sisal Rugs

Sisal, or henequen in the Mayan language, is a plant used for commercial purposes, grown in semi-arid regions. It is primarily the fiber of the leaves that is used, being especially processed to make ropes, sacks, cloth, and of course, carpets.
Originally from Yucatan, Mexico, it got its name because the port from which it was exported to the world is called Sisal, which in the times of splendor of the henequen agribusiness in Yucatán was the main port in the region, now replaced by Puerto de Progreso.

Sisal carpets are usually light in color like beige or bone. They are among the strongest in terms of natural fibers. Easily maintained and cleaned, they are also ideal for people allergic to dust as it is caught between the fibers, therefore preventing it from becoming airborne. They offer good fire resistance in addition to absorbing noise. Its durability makes them ideal for entrance or passage areas and even outside areas.

This type of natural carpet has been used since ancient times and their resurgence in popularity is due to the need to create spaces where natural elements are taking relevance.
Their resistance, their neutral tones and knotted texture make them ideal candidates for any decor without ever really becoming outdated.