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Nina Mair x Alarwool

Nina Mair x Alarwool

HERITAGE – Rug Collection

Heritage brings nature into the interior. The collection embodies an urban lifestyle of tranquillity and well-being. The design combines two natural materials, the extremely strong sisal fibre and the cosy softness of sheep’s wool, creating a unique contrast. Human well-being and conscious resource management are main values of all Nina Mair designs. Her passion for natural materials was the inspiration for this exceptional combination of materials. The tightly spun sisal yarn has a silky matte sheen, while the soft wool provides a familiar tactile sensation.

The name Heritage alludes to the long tradition and craft knowledge of carpet weaving that lives on in this collection. Nina Mair designed the collection for Alarwool S.L., one of the world’s leading custom-made carpet and rug manufacturing companies. For over 60 years, the family-owned company has stood for quality in carpet craftsmanship and the conscious and respectful use of natural materials.

The “Heritage Collection” was developed collaboratively over the past year and is now distributed worldwide by Alarwool S.L.

Nina Mair specializes in international interior architecture, furniture and lighting design, based in Austria, the award-winning studio works holistically to create timeless and functional projects at all scales with the mission to improve quality of live through design.